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MESA REDONDA - HER: MUJERES EN LA TECNOLOGÍA Internet y las áreas del diseño relacionas (diseño de interacción y diseño de UX) son algunos de los sectores que más ha crecido en las últimas décadas. La presencia de mujeres en su desarrollo, sin embargo, es poco visible. Datos recientes de EEUU calculan que sólo un 18% de mujeres trabajan en empresas tecnológicas, una cifra que … [Read more...]

Encuentro de distribuidores

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Encuentro de distribuidores ¿Te gustaría conocer las últimas novedades tecnológicas en Displays Interactivos?  El próximo 2 de julio (miércoles) te invitamos a nuestro "Encuentro de distribuidores". Podremos compartir, en un ambiente distendido, cuáles son los nuevos productos de hardware y software más novedosos que van a ocupar nuestras aulas y empresas.Tendrás la … [Read more...]

‘Històries de Ciència a Gràcia’

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Rutes Científiques per Barcelona: ‘Històries de Ciència a Gràcia’ En aquest itinerari farem una volta per un barri de Gràcia diferent, amb una visió científica, mèdica i tecnològica. Descobrirem la ciència d’un barri, o d’una vila, que ha anat canviant de la mateixa manera que ha canviat l’espai mateix. Així, parlant dels científics del barri sabrem més sobre la història del … [Read more...]

Unleash Your Inner Maker at Fab10 Barcelona 2014

Fab10 Barcelona Event - Barcinno

Fab Lab: a digital fabrication laboratory. Nice self-explanatory play on words right? But what happens in these labs, and are they actually more than just rooms with 3D printers? Well, they are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, which aim to popularize and expand access to personal (and collaborative) manufacturing, and invention. These are the labs where this … [Read more...]

Sónar + D


  What is Sónar+D Sónar+D is the international conference for creativity and technology, designed to promote talent and business opportunities in the digital culture environment.Sónar+D is held in Barcelona together with Sónar by Day at the Palau de Congressos in Fira Montjuïc. It brings together experts from around the world (technologists, entrepreneurs, artists, … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Marfeel (@marfeel)


Most content based websites don’t have a responsive website let alone a smartphone or iPad app. So when it comes to viewing your favourite content on mobile devices such as smartphones or iPad’s the viewing experience is usually shit - a duplicate (and awkward) version of what you see on your desktop browser. Readers not being able to digest the content they want and … [Read more...]

Tech Demo Day: All about Apps, Digital Platforms and Software


Last week, the 4th edition of La Salle Tech Demo Day took place and more than 1,000+ attendees showed up to talk to 114 Barcelona tech start-ups.  Upon my arrival, the buzz inside the conference hall was overwhelming.  The venue was packed with companies, each having a table and often a laptop or ipad to show the product, and a huge (screaming) banner. It was clear that the … [Read more...]

TECTEC Kicks Off Tonight To Unite Barcelona’s Digital Makers


Starting tonight, there will be a new quarterly forum to bring together Barcelona’s tech professionals for an evening of casual networking and inspirational speakers. The event is organized by Creative HotHouse, Barcelona’s early stage incubator specialized in developing creative software businesses. As stated on the invitation, this event is designed for you. “You are a … [Read more...]