Lean Startup UX & Metrics Case Study: Tuenti

May 7 @ 19:00 – 21:00

| €10

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Tuenti invites the Lean Startup Circle community to its office for FestUP!

This meetup is going to be an interactive and based-on-practice panel about lean UX, with 3 gold speakers from our community: Christopher Grant and Bartek Kunowski from Tuenti; and Ian Collingwood, Lean UX advisor at UXDNA.

What will we do?

Christopher Grant will look back at his time leading the Barcelona design team in 2012 and share the story of how his team redesigned Tuenti’s web site, at the time one of the most popular in Spain. While redesigning the site, Tuenti was trying to do more than just a strategic pivot: it was trying to take it’s first steps towards incorporating Lean in it’s product process. Christopher will tell the story of the first lean explorations in the context of an exciting, design-driven project.

Then Bartek Kunowski will take us forward in time, to early this year when Tuenti decided to kick off a redesign of it’s mobile operator e-commerce site. This time, Tuenti clearly focused on applying more lean thinking, especially when it comes to validating the conversion of the new store. Bartek will show just how much Tuenti’s lean thinking has evolved, almost as much as its product strategy.

Ian Collingwood will participate and help us draw conclusions as we go. He has helped companies all across Europe to transition to a Lean way of working so he will be sharing examples, practical insights and war stories to bring an extra perspective on the benefits and challenges of the Lean approach, and how it can transform UX, product development and business strategy.


This time we will meet at the Tuenti offices in the very centric location of Plaza Catalunya. We also will have some snacks and drinks sponsored by Tuenti.

Come over! Don’t miss it!

What is the ticket for?

This edition of the LSC will be part of the FestUP, a non-profit initiative to gather all the different entrepreneurial initiatives of the city.

As The LSC is one of the biggest communities, we think we should support specially this initiative and help with the basic costs of communication (branding, website, coordination, ticketing…), charging 10€ instead of 3€.

This way all of us will be supporting both this grassroots initiative, FestUP and Lean Startup Community in Barcelona.

Bios: meet three giants onLean UX!

Christopher Grant, PM


Christopher has led product design teams in the US and Europe for over a decade. Today, he heads Tuenti’s Onboarding team here in Barcelona, where the team designs and builds the features that help customers get up and running on Tuenti’s innovative, app-powered mobile operator.


Bartek Kunowski, PM – The Case for Minimum Viable Products


Ex-Amazon developer, has worked in product and consulting companies in five different countries as well as founded Baroo Software, a software outsourcing business with 30 employees and offices in Eastern Europe.  Currently, Product Manager at Tuenti responsible for the Onboarding & Acquisition area, designing and building features to acquire new Tuenti Movil customers through online channels and guiding them to become full users of Tuenti’s mobile app.


Ian Collingwood, Lean UX advisor at UXDNA


Great companies are built on delivering great user experience. He teaches companies how to make great UX a part of their corporate DNA. This is what his company, UXdna does. He also speaks often about UX (User Experience), Lean Startup, Customer Development, and Retention hacking at events like LeanStartupMachine, TheNextWeb, Springboard (now Techstars), Rockstart Accelerator, Leancamp, Seedcamp, TEDx ESADE and others.


The Barcelona Startup Festival

This meetup will be part of the 1st Edition of the Barcelona Startup Festival, the FestUP, to celebrate the growing startup community in our city, an event by the community for the community.

First, to join all the community in a week-long festival and celebrate how fast are we growing as a startup community.

Secondly, the FestUP is going to show how many events and participants are currently in the city.

Thirdly, let the world know what’s happening in Barcelona! by doing PR in the international media like TechCrunch and TNW.

Follow @FestUpBCN to stay tuned of what is going to happen!


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