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itnig_music_creative_techPerhaps because creativity is always intrigued by new toys to play with, the music industry has been one of the firsts to be entirely disrupted by technology. Suddenly everyone became a DJ – and a photographer -, Justin Bieber could start up thanks to YouTube and Napster has changed how we think about the ownership and value of music forever.

Volatile times such as this mean that old presumptions about the industry get to die and for many these changes are not exactly positive. The debate on whether the internet and technology helps new art emerge and spread or just immerses us in junk and noise is still ongoing. But the most interesting is of course how musicians, creatives and the people who work with them rise up to the challenge and make the tools provided by the digital era their own. Perhaps, in the end the opportunities opening up to play, create and reshape are more important than the question of evaluation.

The 6th May, Tuesday event at itnig, Talking on Creative Technologies, Music and Business will tackle these questions and the confirmed speakers promie and interesting conversation in the intersection of art, music, internet and digital tools.

Panel members:

> Ana Montes, Project Manager at Sónar +D

Sónar+D is a new addition to the much loved Sónar music festival, now in its 21th year. It represents the evolution of the festival’s professional and new media areas, which presents a series of activities based around the same central theme: making the relationship between creativity, technology, mobility, innovation and business more visible and accessible.

Last year saw 2.950 accredited professionals, from 57 countries and more than 1.300 companies involved, while the Music Hack Day involved 24 companies and more than 100 hackers coming from all over the world. After 24 frantic marathon hours, they left to the community the 50 most innovative musical hack.

> Marc Sallent, co-founder at Audiosnaps

AudioSnaps is a free app for iPhone that lets you take pictures with sound and store everything in a single JPEG file compatible with all browsers and devices.

How? By creating a new system (patent pending) that embeds an audio clip on a standard JPEG file. With no effort nor any special plugin.

Why? Trying to add reality to their pictures, the founding team realized that audio could add extra vividness to our memories. If you want to capture a moment, not only an image, take an AudioSnap: with the same speed and effort you will get something closer to what you and your loved ones experienced.

> Oriol Rosell, CMO at Patchworks > Conductr developers

CONDUCTR is an Ableton Live controller for iPad and also a whole new approach to software control devices for touch surfaces, based on functionality, adaptability and intuitivity. Made by musicians for musicians, it is highly customizable because of being designed to cover each artist’s needs. It is not just another controller but a reflection of its owner’s creativity.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014 19:00
@ the itnig offices: Carrer Àlaba 61, 5-2
language: Spanish

Image credit: Creative Commons Some Rights Reserved by Bethan


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