Ripples, and The Real-life Effects of Startup Hype

Startup Hype Barcinno

Ripples, and The Real-life Effects of Startup Hype Most trends and waves run the same course. A few crazy visionaries start it, followed by innovators and early adopters, and then the big ones eventually reach the tipping point, spilling over into mainstream consumerism. They become well known and available to the masses - think last autumn’s high street fast fashion punk … [Read more...]

The Food Waste Epidemic And How One Barcelona Startup Aims to Solve It

Food waste around the world - Barcinno

Keeping a close eye on how our society becomes more conscientious about food waste and taking a look at the various solutions startups work out to hack the flawed system gives us an early glimpse into how positive shifts happen in the world. Food waste is a fascinating topic, and only partly because the current numbers and existing processes are outrageous. Until 2009, there … [Read more...]

FestUp! Talks About Creative Technologies, Music and Business @ Itnig


Perhaps because creativity is always intrigued by new toys to play with, the music industry has been one of the firsts to be entirely disrupted by technology. Suddenly everyone became a DJ - and a photographer -, Justin Bieber could start up thanks to YouTube and Napster has changed how we think about the ownership and value of music forever. Volatile times such as this mean … [Read more...]

FestUp! Poker Night @ MOB

poker night pic

Do you think you are lucky? Or that you have a great poker face? Maybe in true startup fashion you don’t mind losing as long as you enjoy the game? Wednesday evening the basement of MOB opens up for a night of gambling in true prohibition style. Charleston and swing, silent movies and cigars and, of course, chips clinging together and the sound of shuffling cards. Apart … [Read more...]

Why FestUp? – A Subjective Account From The Organisers

Fest-UP Barcelona Community Festival - Barcinno

When the idea of organising a startup festival in Barcelona first came up, we thought long and hard about the reasons. Why should we get ourselves into such a messy and hard work? Why would anyone participate? What is this thing called an "ecosystem" we are trying to build? Barcelona has wonderful ingredients to become a blooming startup hub of the Mediterranean. A … [Read more...]