TutoTOONS: Educational Games Made Easy

Ever thought you could create a company in a day? The guys at TutoTOONS did. Winners of Startup Weekend Barcelona, the young and dynamic team lead by CEO Mantas Kavaliauskas, is tackling the educational market head on.TuttoTOONS game

Various attempts are being made by young businesses to increase learning capabilities through technology, although with such a large market at stake, many opportunities still exist. There seems to be a lot of products hitting the market with the goal of empowering the teacher to create visual study material, however from the options that do exist, one of the main problems with the technology is that it tends to be pretty technical (funny that) and more often than not you need the help of developers. As most teachers don’t tend to be programmers, this makes the creation of the games pretty tricky.

TutoTOONS, a cloud based platform is empowering teachers with the ability to create their own interactive educational games without the need of programming. The fledgling startup that developed their prototype in one weekend, have developed a new way to create interactive cross-platform games with a simple drag and drop method. Teachers can create games, cartoons, storybooks and more for a wide range of subject maters from anything such as math, biology, geography and languages.

The biggest advantage compared to the other options on the market is the simplicity of use. Having played around with the initial version, games can be made within a matter of minutes and can be accessed on the web, iOS and Android devices. Teachers can embed their applications on platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc. and also upload the apps to the learning management systems they normally use: Moodle, Emondo & Blackboard. Teachers can also submit the apps to the Apple Store and Google Play with the chance of making some money if the game becomes popular.

Although teachers would seem like the natural audience, Mantas sees a much wider market potential – anything from book publishers, to parents and large brands. All potential interesting revenue sources.

Needless to mention, the TutoTOONS solution closes the gap between distinct points, even in cases when it seems difficult to use technology for educational purposes. Mantas says “It opens a way to a new type of media that lets us boost interactivity and get the most out of the learning process. We give you the means to combine entertainment with education and to share your content with whole world!”

The TutoTOONS team has over 5 years experience creating games and have made over 200 to date. With their team spread internationally, they are currently seeking investment of €100K to enable them to grow their team and forge more partnerships. They will be releasing the live beta version in a the next few months so keep your eyes posted!

Check out their demos here:



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