Barcelona VC Nauta Capital Announces €2.5M Investment In Language Learning Platform ABA English

Nauta Capital has announced a €2.5M investment in language technology company ABA English. The Barcelona-based ABA English takes a multi-dimensional approach to learning English that combines original films and video classes to compliment their proprietary Listen-Record-Compare technology. With more than 1.000.000 satisfied students in 170 countries worldwide, they’ve certainly found a secret sauce that they can continue to scale.

Founded in 2007 by Barcelona entrepreneur Javier Figarola, ABA English also has a strong B2B customer base as they are the official English language software provider to La Caixa, Ikea and Indra Spain among many other businesses.

The online language space is no stranger to entrepreneurs with spanish ties. The industry leading Duolingo was founded by Luis von Ahn a Guatamalan native and Busuu, the wildly popular community-driven platform was founded in Madrid.

Nauta Capital invierte €2,5 millones en una desconocida ‘startup’ de idiomas tras hacer caja en Social Point

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