Choose Wisely: How To Build A Healthy Startup Team

Startup Teamwork - Barcinno

Xanthomonas axonopodis: a disease affecting citrus trees that can affect the vitality of the entire citrus grove, also known as citrus canker. Have you ever picked up an orange and noticed some discoloration on the peel but decided to eat it anyways? So you eat this orange, but you know you looked at the piece of fruit beforehand and questioned it, even if it was ever so … [Read more...]

Heard@ Eric Reiss in Barcelona: The 6 Laws of Innovation

Eric Reiss in Barcelona

We always talk about innovation. It is everywhere and everybody wants to be innovative. To get a better understanding of the dynamics of innovation, the Meetup Group Barcelona Internet Startups invited Eric Reiss to share his view on innovation versus best practice. Are they like oil and water or complementary to one another? He has 6 laws of innovation to provide some … [Read more...]

The 5 Most Annoying Pieces Of Startup Advice


I read a great piece by Ev Williams last week on why ‘All the Startup Advice You Read is Wrong (But you should read some anyway)’ which examines why most of the advice you come across isn’t applicable to your business. The problem is that startups are undeniably complicated and unpredictable beasts. With so many uncontrollable variables at hand, most advice that intends … [Read more...]