The potential of 3D printing

3D Printing Barcinno

Last week we talked about the emerging technology of Augmented Reality; the technology of this week is 3D printing.  Looking at potential, 3D printing is expected to be much more promising with a market up to $550M - $650M per year in ten years time (McKinsey / Gartner). The fields of application are enormous: fashion, manufacturing, toys, medical, architecture, food, retail, … [Read more...]

Aprende a utilizar una impresora 3D

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Aprende a utilizar una impresora 3D Seguro que has oído hablar de la impresión en 3 dimensiones. Ahora puedes aprender realmente en qué consiste, cuáles son sus posibilidades y llevarte a casa tu propia creación impresa en 3D. ¡Un taller creativo, divertido y útil para mentes inquietas! Nivel: Básico Formato de la clase: Workshop Duración: 5 h Valoración: Este curso no … [Read more...]

Unleash Your Inner Maker at Fab10 Barcelona 2014

Fab10 Barcelona Event - Barcinno

Fab Lab: a digital fabrication laboratory. Nice self-explanatory play on words right? But what happens in these labs, and are they actually more than just rooms with 3D printers? Well, they are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, which aim to popularize and expand access to personal (and collaborative) manufacturing, and invention. These are the labs where this … [Read more...]