Mobile World Congress 2014: A Deep Dive Into Our Digital Future

Mobile World Congress Barcelona - Barcinno

MWC 2014 ended about a week ago and I thought it’s appropriate to share some things that I saw, heard, and read during this event. It was also my fourth year attending this event, always with high expectations. To the point; although it’s common, specially on this type of event, to discuss which is the best mobile device launched by this or that manufacturer or which are the … [Read more...]

Programmable Networks: Separating the Hype and the Reality

Programming Networks- Barcinno

Each year MIT Technology Review presents its annual list of 10 breakthrough technologies that can change the way that we live. These are technologies that outstanding researchers believe will have the greatest impact on the shape of innovation in years to come. In 2009, Software Defined Networking (SDN) was one more in that list. This is a significant fact because this … [Read more...]

Big Data In Barcelona: Your Intro And Guide To Its Promising Future

Big Data, photo credit: Ben Chams, Fotolia

According to the latest "Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle for 2013" published annually by Gartner Research, currently Big Data is a technology located near the peak of inflated expectations in the hype cycle curve and its plateau of productivity is expected to be reached in 5 to 15 years (Figure 1). If we interpret this graphic tool using its formal definition, Big Data … [Read more...]