Health Care Startup: Starting Local & Going Global

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Health Care Startup: Starting Local & Going Global Join Dr Noel Harvey from Becton Dickson, Frederic Llordachs from Doctoralia, Microsoft Ventures and others to share internationalization experience, challenges, tips etc Internacionalización es una etapa clave para una startup. Focalizarse en el mercado nacional o expenderse fuera de sus fronteras? Donde empezar? Como … [Read more...]

Health Mavericks Startup Training Program


El objetivo de este programa intensivo es darte herramientas para reducir el riesgo de lanzar tu idea y conseguir tracción de mercado. Las startups fracasan por falta de recursos o inversión antes de demostrar la validez de la idea. Algunas razones son no saber cómo validar la idea, no encontrar suficientes clientes, falta de tracción, incapacidad de reducir los costes de … [Read more...]

Teambox Founder Pablo Villalba’s New Startup 8fit Raises $200k

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If you’re anything like me, you want to work out, you want to be in shape, but you aren’t quite out of shape enough to convince yourself you need major lifestyle changes. After all, that bag of chips is right next to you, but the gym is so very far. People like us inspired Barcelona local Pablo Villalba’s mobile app, 8fit, which just raised $200,000 in seed funding from … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Hacking Your Personal Health Through The Paleo Philosophy


The following post was written by Oriol Roda, founder and CEO of Mammoth Hunters, the Barcelona-based startup that is a virtual lifestyle advisor based on the Paleo philosophy. Utilizing a combination of training and nutrition, Mammoth Hunters removes all barriers to help people live a healthier life with the latest trends on health and physical performance. Oriol holds a PhD … [Read more...]