Apps&Cultura Demo Party

Barcelona Inspira Barcinno

Welcome to APPS&CULTURA! Develop and submit your app to have access to all of our prizes! Do you have an app idea for accessing Barcelona’s cultural atmosphere? Do you want to help build tools to help support the city’s cultural talent and facilitate access to cultural activities? Just think of an idea that could solve theproblem statements that the … [Read more...]

Ironhack Demoday Hackshow


              Ironhack Demoday Hackshow Barcelona & Online| Friday, August 29th 5pm What is the Hackshow? See what previous editions were all about Web Bootcamp (Madrid). December 20th, 2013   Web Bootcamp (Madrid). April 04th, 2014   iOS … [Read more...]

LaSalle Tech Demo Day

LaSalle Tech Demo Day 2013

Este 28 de Mayo 2014   Reserva la fecha 28 de Mayo 2014   55 Startups expositoras   +75 Inversores   Adverway Agroptima Audiosnaps Avuxi Babanjo Bella Idea Betterways Billage Catch'Oprice Chic Travelling ChicPlace Clifundy Comunicae Comunitats Creative Signatures Crono … [Read more...]

Meet The Four Startups From The First Conector Accelerator Demo Day

Conector Acclerator Barcelona - Barcinno

Last week, Conector - Barcelona's newest startup accelerator, held their first-ever Demo Day at EADA business school.  As accelerator programs of various shapes, sizes and business models are exploding across Europe's tech landscape, there's eager anticipation to see the results.  For accelerators, the results come in the form of a Demo Day  - an afternoon where the accelerator … [Read more...]