Bitcoin And Other Electronic Currencies Exempt From VAT In The EU


Many things have been said, written, speculated upon, rumored, and of course imagined when talking about electronic currencies (the vast majority referring to Bitcoin). The instability, the volatility, the uncertainty, and not to mention the early adopters bringing infamy to electronic currencies with their shady business dealings, have given us at least some kind of footing to … [Read more...]

Bitcoin Meetup @ itnig III

Bitcoin Logo Barcinno

Bitcoin Meetup @ itnig III We welcome you to our next official meetup of this group! The meeting space is cordially provided by itnig and the free beer - by Damm! As always, this meetup is free to attend and it is intended to discuss bitcoins, as well as any other digital/crypto currencies. We share knowledge and insights into mining, trading and investing! We also give the … [Read more...]

Better Know A Startup: IceVault (@swissicevault)


Bitcoin. Even if you don’t fully understand how it works or what it even does, you’re probably aware that it’s kind of a big deal. If you want to know why you should care about Bitcoin then I’d check out this article from Marc Andressen. It’s hard to ignore the recent influx of large VC investments into Bitcoin companies such as Coinbase, BitPay, Circle, which is understandable … [Read more...]

Bitcoin y sus posibilidades de cara al emprendimiento (Spanish)

Iniciador Barcelona – Mayo 2014 – Bitcoin y sus posibilidades de cara al emprendimiento Fecha: 20 de mayo de 2014 Hora: 19:00 Lugar: Edificio CINC. C/ Llull, 321-329. 08019 Barcelona (línea de metro 4, estación Selva de Mar). Tras la charla, se finalizará con el habitual networking. Nombre del ponente: Frederic Thenault - CEO en iceVault ¿Estás pensando en lanzar una … [Read more...]