#Barcelona #Startup Jobs: Sisu Labs (@HelloSisu) Lead Developer

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Company: sisu labs

Area: Big Data

Place: Barcelona

Job type: Lead Developer

We are looking for a senior developer with experience in developing commercial applications with excellent Ruby skills. Are you interested? Keep reading!

About the position

We’re looking for a Senior Developer who will help us grow and increase the amount of data we are able to process and analyse, as well as becoming an integral part of the group working to maintain and scale our system.

Ideal candidates are requested to have excellent skills as well as experience programming in Ruby on Rails, with successful deployment of webapps, web servers security, and optimization of PostgreSQL databases. Experience in working on commercial SaaS systems in production environments. The software receives and processes content from social media 24/7, even while the user is not interacting with the application.


· Improve the back-end code quality, written in Ruby on Rails.

· Code and integrate new features and requirements based on the product roadmap.

Location:  Barcelona, Spain (candidates from anywhere are welcome)

Required Skills:

· Excellent Ruby on Rails programming skills.

· PostgreSQL tuning and optimizing skills.

· Experience with building Web Applications using REST API.

· Experience with web servers optimization and security.

· Experience working on commercial software applications.

· Ability to generate high quality code in a fast-paced environment.

· Ability to collaborate within a group of developers.

· Fluent spoken and written English (other languages also desirable).

· Can-do attitude.

Desired skills:

· Experience with AWS EC2
· Experience in distributed computing and Big Data projects.
· Experience with NoSQL databases (Elasticsearch, Couchbase prefered).
· Experience working with social network APIs (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

If you are interested, email us at hello@sisu-labs.com or tweet us at @hellosisu.

If interested, please contact hello@sisu-labs.com

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