#Barcelona #Startup Jobs: Mammoth Hunters (@MammothHunters1) Engineer

Mammoth Hunters Logo Barcinno

Company: Mammoth Hunters

Area: Mobile App/Personal Training

Place: Barcelona

Job type: Engineer

We are a cool and fun start up dedicated to online personal training. Our service is a web app called Mammoth Hunters (currently in Google Play and soon in Apple Store).

We are looking for an experienced Ruby and JS developer for a full time position. She/he is going to be our first employee so the position carries great responsibilities as well as huge potential for growth.

Her/his main role will be to lead the development of the app creating cool and amazing features to delight our old and new users.

We are looking for an autonomous and self-driven person with a problem-solving attitude and willingness to work in a multidisciplinary team. Passion for sport and being ready to get in her/his best shape ever are a must!

The position is of high responsibility and we value more a proactive attitude, ability to learn and adapt fast and hard core skills, however some of the following are very welcomed:

The basics:
• Experience in SCRUM / Agile methodology
• Experience in developing under MVC models
• Expertise with git and version control

• Ruby on Rails
• JS
• HTML/JS/CSS obviously
• A plus if she/he knows CoffeeScript, NodeJS and some client framework (Backbone JS)
• A clear head in front of a MongoDB

Some cool extras:
• Knowledge in Heroku based apps
• Knowledge in managing Nginx and Apache web servers and Linux servers in general
• Experience in management of high-availability architectures

Please send us your github / bitbucket account.

If interested, please contact Oriol at oriol@mhunters.com

Mammoth Hunters was created founded in 2012 and has gone over a long period of Beta testing and now is on growing phase.

On June 2013 we did a crowd funding were we raised 20.000 EUR for initial development that allowed a long and thorough refinement of our service creating what it is probably the best online personal trainer in the market.

We don’t say this lightly. We are backed by a very strong team of trainers and physical therapists that have validated our program with hundreds of users. In addition we are the official application of the Paleo Training, a training model somehow similar to CrossFit (but better obviously!) that has more than 15 gyms in Spain and is growing very fast.

Check our site: http://mhunters.com

Check this article for more info about Paleo Training : http://www.barcinno.com/how-to-hack-your-personal-health-paleo-philosophy/

Check this page for the upcoming Paleo gym in Barcelona: https://www.facebook.com/paleotrainingbarcelona

Our business model is a subscription based service of personalized nutrition and training programs. Users pay between 5 EUR/month and 40 EUR/year.

A part of the steady revenues from our 1200 current users, we are growing at a 20% monthly and we have raised money through an ICF loan for growth (sorry we keep the amount undisclosed).

The 3 founders are Oriol (PhD in Molecular Biology and MBA), Xavi (TelCo Enginieer) and Nestor (therapist, expert in sport and nutrition). In addition we have 2 interns developing front and back end and we are currently hiring a marketing person to take care of the American market.

Our aim: Make people happy by helping them do sport of quality and eat properly. And in the process gain millions of users, enjoy a lot our work and get super fit ourselves.

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