Calling All Barcelona Startups: Register NOW for the FEST-UP Startup Expo!

Fest-UP Barcelona Startup Barcinno

In less than two weeks, Barcelona will host its first-ever crowd-sourced startup festival: Fest-UP! With more than 45 confirmed events taking place the week of May 5th – 10th, Fest-UP is a platform for the change-makers of the Barcelona Startup Ecosystem to showcase their projects, share their knowledge, and get to know one another a little bit better. In order to truly … [Read more...]

Barcelona Startup Jobs: Ofertia! – Key Account Manager

Ofertia! Barcelona Startups Events - Barcinno

Company: Ofertia! Area: Mobile Place: Barcelona Job type: Permanent  At Ofertia we bridge the gap between the online and offline shopping worlds. Via web ( or mobile apps (Android, iPad, iPhone), consumers consult information regarding offers, products or opening hours of their favorite local stores. Ofertia was launched in 2012 and is now one of the fastest … [Read more...]

Startup Weekend Barcelona 2014: How It Went Down

Startup Weekend Barcelona 2014 - Barcinno

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour beast designed to offer a hands-on, experimental education to technical and non-technical entrepreneurs.  It starts on a Friday night with brainstorming, recruiting and splitting up into teams.  The rest of the weekend is an all out sprint to create a business plan and make a prototype before the judges show up on Sunday at 5pm.  Mentors come and go … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Hidden City Tours

Hidden City Tours Barcelona - Barcinno

Pop Quiz!  What do these 5 people all have in common?                               Not sure, no problem, I'll give you some hints... #1 They are all accredited Hidden City Tour Guides. #2 They are all educating people like you and I about the many hidden gems within the beautiful city of Barcelona. #3 They are all very handsome gentlemen. However, what you may not … [Read more...]

Barcelona Startup Jobs: Marfeel – Marketing & Sales Assistant

marfeel - Job - Barcinno

Company: Industry: Mobile Area: Online Marketing & Sales Place: Barcelona Job type: 6 months or permanent MARFEEL is a start up in the mobile industry, we turn any publisher's website into the best reading experience for mobile devices. Among our clients we have publishers in 4 continents that reach over 6 million readers every month. We work to improve the … [Read more...]

Powered by Google For Entrepreneurs: NEXT is Coming to Barcelona!

Google For Entrepreneurs NEXT is Coming to Barcelona

Exciting news for the Barcelona startup community; itnig - the hacker accelerator will be home to the upcoming NEXT program.  Powered by Google Entrepreneurs, NEXT is the #1 pre-accelerator program that helps committed early stage startup teams to get into accelerators or find seed investment. The program consists of 3 hour weekly sessions for five weeks and participating teams … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Common Folk

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: CommonFolk - Barcinno

Look at these pictures and tell me what you see… If you see common folks, sitting in their homes, surrounded by the accumulation of their plastic consumption in just 1 week, then you are seeing what I am seeing. Now, take a quick moment to think about what your picture would look like if this was your accumulation of plastic waste from last week. What if you … [Read more...]

MWC14 & 4YFN: The Week In Review

4 Years From Now Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2014 - Barcinno

Over the past week, our team at Barcinno has shared highlights of the whirlwind events of MWC14 & 4YFN. As I look at this small mountain of 100+ business cards, pamphlets, and varied swag (from pens and pads to microfiber cleaning cloths and portable chargers), I am moved to share my experience of this week of panels, speakers, workshops and exhibitions through photographs. … [Read more...]

Mobile Entrepreneurs Take Center Stage At 4YFN During Mobile World Congress

Mobile Entrepreneurs Take Center Stage At 4YFN During Mobile World Congress

UPDATE 20-Feb:  4 Years From Now had already opened up 300 extra tickets beyond their initial 1000 person limit. Now they are releasing 100 Last Chance tickets to get in.   If you're interested in IoT workshops, Claro Partners may have some discounted tickets left if you act fast. Email IoT@ClaroPartners for more information.  4YFN is an event created by the Mobile World … [Read more...]