Teambox Founder Pablo Villalba’s New Startup 8fit Raises $200k

8fit Featured Image Barcinno

If you’re anything like me, you want to work out, you want to be in shape, but you aren’t quite out of shape enough to convince yourself you need major lifestyle changes. After all, that bag of chips is right next to you, but the gym is so very far. People like us inspired Barcelona local Pablo Villalba’s mobile app, 8fit, which just raised $200,000 in seed funding from … [Read more...]

Understanding Spain’s War On Uber: Is it Progress or are they Cheating?

Uber in Spain - Barcinno

Uber is a P2P transport company that allows users to get in touch with drivers through an app in their phones and be picked up and dropped off just as a regular taxi would. No cash is exchanged in the actual transaction as everything is managed through Uber, and the company is the one who actually pays the driver afterwards. To some, it seems like a natural next step in … [Read more...]