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Confidence – The Key to Success | Workshop and Development Session

June 21, 2019 @ 10:00 - 13:00


Do people around you trust you, because they can feel you are confident? Or do they doubt you, because they sense you doubt yourself?
Do you make tough decisions effectively and with a clear mind or do you stress about the outcome?
Do you miss shots because you don’t take them?
Do you hesitate before speaking in front of a group?
Do you find other people do things first, whilst you’re busy preparing – and you miss out?

Join Us
This workshop will consist of group and individual exercises to help you develop your confidence – taking you to new levels, wherever you are currently.

We’re not going to give away many more details – it’s part of the surprise! But be ready for a day of hands-on engagement and prepared to walk away able to take on new challenges and perform better both at work and in life.

You will walk away:
*** Able to make tough decisions under pressure and back them up

*** More smooth when picking up the phone or sending an email, whether within your organisation or selling to a potential client

*** A far better public speaker

*** More willing to get up and sing karaoke without being drunk

*** Able to truly represent yourself in interviews without letting nerves get the better of you

*** Able to push yourself to perform better in work and life

*** Able to make your voice heard better

*** Able to take feedback and criticism better, so that your can improve, without putting up defensive barriers

*** Able to handle your mother-in-law (okay, no promises)

Confidence is Key
Confidence, in many ways, is the key to success in life. Gaining confidence is unlocking a door to a whole host of new possibilities – both in our personal and professional lives. Take these distinct examples:

In learning languages, many people are afraid to speak because they’re worried about making mistakes. Confident people don’t have the same inhibitions and learn languages faster: they believe in their abilities; they don’t worry about judgement if they say something wrong and they’re brave enough to step into unknown waters in front of people.

In business, many people aren’t confident enough to make changes happen. They’re afraid to take decisions without approval from upstairs – holding them back. If you’re not confident enough to take a decision on behalf of your employer, why are they paying you?

Incredible singers who have the ability to belt out top notes, miss it when they go on stage or to an audition, because they lack confidence in themselves. Similarly, how many of us made mistakes in a driving test simply because we were nervous?

Have you ever been somewhere you shouldn’t have, walking straight past the people at the door, just by holding your head high and acting like you belong?

Salespeople: Do you think your confidence helps you close more sales or is harming your conversion rates? (Hint: in-between isn’t an option)

About the Speaker
Dror Wayne joined the OneCoWork Team in June 2018, working in the Sales and Marketing Departments. He’ll be leaving us soon to head back to the UK, where he works as Sales Director at MAGNIV, but we’ve asked for one final event!

Dror comes from a performance background, having previously worked for 3 years as a freelance MC / Toastmaster at events in the UK, whilst studying for his undergraduate degree. The events industry in the UK was where he first learned the importance of making confident, but logic-based decisions under time pressure.

In 2017, he trained as an EMT and volunteered for the Red Cross in Israel (Magen David Adom), which serves as the National Ambulance Service. Confidence as a medic is key – not only are the stakes high, but the way emergency services handle themselves is often noticed by families and bystanders.

He also consults in security and counter-terrorism, specialising in securing high-risk events and groups.

Each of these roles has brought a different set of challenges, but Dror believes that confidence is an essential key to success in them all and that by learning from each of them, anyone can become more successful in any area.

The Details
Location: OneCoWork Catedral – Meeting Rooms D & E

Date & Time: Friday 21 June, 10:00-13:00

General Admission– 50 euros
Barcinno 50% discount code: bcn-friends

Dress to make yourself feel good! (This is really important!) Make sure you’re wearing a confident outfit, that complements your personality and that you’re comfortable in. We’re also going to be moving around a lot, so bare that in mind.


Moll de la Barceloneta 1
Barcelona, Barcelona 08003 Spain
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