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Software Architecture meetup: “MVP and FRP for a controller-less architecture”

October 26, 2017 @ 19:00


Christian Ciceri, some of you must know him and if you do, there are big possibilities that you consider him as a software Genius or as a software architecture guru! For those of you who don’t know who is he, I think it’s important you learn a bit more about him.
He began his professional career with a specific interest in Object Oriented design issues, with deep studies in code-level and architectural-level design patterns and techniques. He has been one of the former practitioner of Agile Methodologies, particularly eXtreme Programming with a great experience in difficult practices like TDD, Continuous Integration, build pipelines and evolutionary design.
He has always been aiming at a wide-spread technological knowledge, that’s why he has been exploring a huge amount of technologies and architectural styles like Java, .NET, to dynamic languages, to pure scripting languages and even native C++ application development, from classical layering to Domain-Centric, to classical SOA and Enterprise Service Buses.
Now, Christian Ciceri is a Software Architect & co-founder at Apiumhub. His philosophy is to be, at any time, a technical guide to the team he collaborates with, to motivate people to go further in solving technical issues and problems, to communicate trust to each member of the team and to the team as a whole.
After many years of experience in Agile Methodologies, he believes that TDD and Continuous Integration are an essential part of it. He knows how to build a working software. His vision of architecture goes beyond the “power-point” architecture. He believes that an architect should be capable of switching between high-level and low-level aspects in a natural, quick and continuous way. As he says; “a software architect should create a working ecosystems that allows teams to have a scalable, predictable and cheaper production”.
You can watch a video with Christian here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b9KwyII6jo


Apiumhub office
Plaza Urquinaona 1, Principal 2a
Barcelona, Barcelona 08010 Spain

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