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200 years from now. How to build the future of humanity.

May 23, 2017 @ 18:30 - 21:00

Imagine the world in 200 years from now. What do you see?

Last week, Stephen Hawking said that we may only have 100 years to get off the planet if humanity hopes to survive. But don’t worry, we’ll hit that target.

And that’s just a taste of the tech sitting on our doorstep–about to enter our homes, transform our work, and shape our relationships. Are you ready for this?

Come join us for a chat about where we’re going, what to expect, and how you fit in.


6:45 Alex Rodriguez is a physicist, aerospace engineer and a futurist. He’s worked on everything from emerging 3D printing technologies to designing spaceships for NASA. In his talk, he’ll outline the technologies that will dominate our lives, and detail best practices for predicting the future.

7:00 Pascal Weinberger is a technologist and AI expert. At age 16, he was programming algorithms for Google’s Deep mind—the core AI for everything we use in Google today. Now he designs technology to solve our planet’s biggest problems. He’ll talk about the hyper-advancement of artificial intelligence, and what’s just around the corner.

7:15 Izan Peris is an aerospace engineer and pioneer in the emerging field of Astropreneurship. Through his Space Accelerator and Disrupt Space conference series, he helps space startups take us a bit closer to the final frontier. In his talk, he’ll show us the future of human exploration. Sneak peek: we’ll be off this planet in the coming decades.

7:30 Linus Ekenstam is a serial entrepreneur, product designer at Typeform, and a futurist. Linus writes about future technologies, new mediums, and why we all should care about what’s coming next. Moore’s Law at 1nm? Abundant energy? Eternal life? In his talk, he’ll explore the convergence of different technologies, and what this might mean for the future.

7:45 Diego Sanchez is an industrial engineer specialized in interaction design, tech enthusiast, and product owner at Typeform. He’s been involved in numerous, failed, startups—from apps to a marketplace for photographers. He’ll discuss how failure, experimentation, and stepping stones play a crucial role in shaping technologies of the future.

8:00 Eric Johnson is a senior writer and researcher for the Typeform blog–A little more human–where he writes about technology and business. He’s also a cognitive scientist who’s been probing the Typeform community for their thoughts and feelings on the future of AI. So how do people feel about this future? Do you feel the same? We’ll take a look.

Contribute to our 2-minute future of AI survey here: https://aifuture.typeform.com/to/B1PeS8

8:15 Pizza, Drinks, and Conversation

Take some time to meet those around you. Exchange ideas and hopefully build the next step to the future together! All with some drinks, provided by us.

9:00 Shows over, and the future begins…


Typeform HQ
Bac de Roda, 163
Barcelona, 08018 Spain
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