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Service Design Days Conference: product and service innovation & digital transformation

September 16 @ 08:00 - September 17 @ 21:00

Shifting the paradigm – tackle short-termism and create value for the long run

As individuals, businesses, and governments, it’s in our nature to focus on the present. Being in tune with the now keeps us alert and aware of the potential opportunities as well as problems that lie in front of us. However, with so much in flux, we need to look further ahead. Despite the urgency of present actions, we shouldn’t lose sight of long-term challenges. It’s time to start designing a better future for all.

Designers and all creative thinkers possess a unique mindset and toolkit to empathise, pinpoint pain points, connect the dots, tell the story, visualise future scenarios and contribute to positive transformation by designing valuable products and services for people and the planet.

By looking at the big picture, we can design interventions, make small-step progress, experiment, anticipate and adjust, being patient but confident in the results. Drafting a plan and working towards our desired outcomes while staying true to ourselves and committed for the long haul.

How can we avoid the trap of focusing on short-term gains at the expense of long-term opportunities that positively contribute far beyond our customers? How do we zoom in and out of the current spiral and glimpse at the totality of the journey? How can we oversee long-term processes, think strategically, and prototype? And how do we steer our teams and organisations through the tyranny of the now?

We can be activists, rebels, leaders and dreamers of what the world could be. Do you recognise these qualities in yourself? Then join us on September 16 and 17! The 7th edition of the conference focuses on replacing short-sighted plans with long-term visions. Trading quick profits for long-lasting success. Shifting from persisting interactions to behavioural interventions. And acting small by envisioning something bigger. The time is now to create value that can make that future happen.

Challenging program

The Service Design Days is a cross-boundary, transdisciplinary conference for forward-thinkers and changemakers; strategists, entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers who are involved in product and service innovation and (digital) transformation. The event focuses on human-centred design and connects strategic designers with business strategists and many other problem-solving minds.

The 2022 edition of the Service Design Days will take place in Barcelona on Friday and Saturday, September 16 and 17. On Thursday, September 16, we will host a welcoming kick-off party. The highly-interactive program offers two days with many insightful masterclasses and tracks of inspiring content, case studies, views and opinions, and practical and strategic knowledge.

Gain new perspectives by meeting, listening, discussing, and learning from researchers, innovators, professors, design leaders, experienced strategists, anthropologists, AI experts, futurists, and other creative thinkers. Get inspired by the stories from small start-ups to large corporations on reinventing your business. Practice creative and strategic thinking with approaches like design thinking, open innovation and systems thinking. And experience how design can contribute to human-centric problem solving and forward-thinking innovation.

Why attend?

  • Learn from international thought leaders and other creative minds
  • Step into the shoes of the users of your services, get to know their needs and follow their journeys
  • Discover new, successful ways to truly connect with your audience and build lasting experiences
  • Peek a glance in the world from entrepreneurial, design-driven brands, and learn from their successes and failures
  • Interact with decision makers just like you, from inside and outside your industry
  • Follow masterclasses that normally cost at least 5 times the prices you will pay now
  • And last but not least: connect with like-minded experts while having a drink, spend time in one of the most creative cities in Spain: Barcelona. And – who knows – take a dip in the Mediterranean.


We offer a two-day pass to attend both days as well as one-day tickets. To get the most out of the event we advise you to join us on both days because the expert talks, case talks and masterclasses are strongly related to each other. The kick-off party is included in the ticket price.

Tickets and passes include:

  • Access to the kick-off party on Thursday evening, September 15 (location to be announced)
  • Free lunch (lunch break) on conference days
  • Free coffee (coffee break) on conference days
  • Free networking drinks on conference days

More information?

You can find more information about the event, the program and the ticketing terms and conditions on www.servicedesigndays.com.



September 16 @ 08:00
September 17 @ 21:00

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