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Final Demo Day – SIA – Trans-Atlantic Angel Conference #4

December 7, 2023 @ 15:00 - 19:00


The Trans Atlantic Angel Conference is a “learning by doing” program where new Angel Investors learn about Angel Investing by doing an Angel Investment.

Across 3 months, 26 Angel Investors together reviewed 60+ companies who shared company financials, business strategies, customer references, and operating plans. We held individual and group investor discussions, where we evaluated, selected, debated about, and did meaningful due diligence.

This Demo / Pitch Night is the end of the program. It is an exclusive virtual reception during which participating companies have the opportunity to pitch to an audience of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and community members.

The finalist companies will present. The Due Diligence teams will outline what they explored in the process of due diligence. And then the Angel investors will select a company to make an investment in. The audience is invited to also vote for an Audience Award.

Many Angel Groups will be invited to attend. Many will be there. There will be time to network and engage with other attendees. This is an online event.

The finalist startups are:

Depencare which is a global caregiving solution for elderly and dependent people. They provide the ideal caregiver with ease and additional services such as physiotherapy, podiatry, 24h telemedicine, home pharmacy, psychological advice, etc. Additionally, an app communicates caregivers with the family and allows them to monitor the service.

Ornavera which consists of climate sensing devices, cloud infrastructure, and software tools to deliver immediate insights and produce underlying data for AI learning. They operate on a subscription (PaaS) model. They launched in late 2020 with customers in Asia, USA and Europe and have doubled revenue and customer base year on year.

ESG which owns the technology for converting ag-waste into textile fiber to support climate targets at scale. They convert agricultural waste from banana plantations into material alternatives for the fashion and industrial textile industries: BANEX™ banana fiber.

Tilden which creates sophisticated, non-alcoholic cocktails to serve the growing wave of adults turning away from alcohol. They bring the elements of a social beverage to the ideal non-alcoholic beverage, which delivers a full cocktail experience.

BIGakwa which introduces an efficient circular approach to fish production based on industrial symbiosis. Waste heat from the plant is used to warm up fish farm water. Fish grey water is converted into a resource too. By using a new technology, sharing resources and infrastructure a novel opportunity to improve the environmental footprint and decrease capital investments is created.


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