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AI-enhanced Marketing: 10+ AI Tools for Marketers, CMOs & C-Suite to SuperCharge Productivity, Growth & Product

March 29, 2023 @ 18:59 - 20:45


“What would happen to your business & marketing strategy if there would be no Google, Facebook, IG?

This session is the first of multiple of the AI & Marketing series of events dedicated to Digital Marketers and Business Decision Makers.

Does your business model depend on traditional digital marketing channels like Google, Linkedin, Facebook/Instagram?
Did you invest in PPC, SEO, Social Media, Content, Video or Influencer Marketing?
What if people would stop using these and move onto new, better channels and tools? How would this affect your job and business?
New AI Tools like ChatGPT – and a very long list of others & many more to come – could completely disrupt your business. Lean in and catchup of what is possible. Use the latest AI tools to your advantage to get ahead and unlock new super powers.

This event is for:
This session and event brings together examples, tools and techniques that most benefit marketing & growth related roles with the aim to develop new marketing campaigns, drive business and revenue growth:

– Marketers – do more with less, get ahead of your peers, stand out, use the latest free & Pro AI tools to get better marketing results for your customers, clients and company
– Growth Managers – accelerate growth, acquisition, and activation by running experiments faster, using helpful AI tools
– CMO/CRO/COO/Growth Executive – responsible for developing & implementing marketing, growth & revenue strategies through new channels? Learn how your team can be more effective & efficient day to day using AI
– Innovation & Product Managers – use latest technology and innovations to speed up experiments, product development & validation
– Directors, Decision Makers, C-Suite – increase operational efficiency & team productivity, innovation and organisational output; reduce inefficiencies, risk, uncertainty and costs
– Founders / Leaders – get ahead of the competition, save cost and accelerate innovation
– Agency Owners – provide your clients more value with same or less resources, safeguard your business model
What will you learn & get?

*AI Update: What has happened in the last 6 – 12 months in AI, what is everybody talking about?
*AI Tools: What is ChatGPT, OpenAI, StableDiffusion, StabilityAI, Hugging Face, Beethoven.ai etc
*AI-enhanced Marketing: 10+ New AI Tools you can use that can change the way we do marketing forever
*AI Impact: What does this mean for marketers, my role, my company and the future?
*Prompt Engineering: What are “prompts”, why are becoming a skill to know like “knowing how to use Excel & Google”
*LeanGPT: How you can use new AI tools for Lean testing Growth, Product, Tech
*Scale with AI: How you can use new AI tools to scale your business faster

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