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IndieHackers Barcelona #3

August 9, 2018 @ 19:00 - 22:00

IndieHackers is a community for people who start their own bootstrapped businesses online. It started by indepent developers monetizing their little code sideprojects, but it has now evolved into a way wider scope since anyone can start a business using many of the provided tools online.

This meetup is for everyone interested in making money from their digital products, be it monetizing side-projects, bootstrapping business ideas, etc. Everyone is welcome independently of the stage of their business, we have people who are barely starting while other people can already passively live off their projects.

Projects don’t need to be big, actually, it’s better if they are not, they just need to be profitable. They might provide a passive income after the initial bulk of work, and who knows, maybe even help you reach financial independence.

Get inspired and give it a try!


The Corner Hotel

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