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DeepTech DemoDay by The Collider

October 26, 2023 @ 09:30 - 14:30


We’re thrilled to invite you to join us at DeepTech DemoDay, an online event on 26th October where you can explore science-based projects and technologies from The Collider in 2023. These projects span various sectors such as cleantech, energy, electronics, health, and industry 4.0.

All these projects are founded on scientific research conducted at some of Europe’s most prestigious universities and research centers. They are currently undergoing development in The Collider’s venture builder programs, where they receive extensive support to bring their groundbreaking technologies to the market and establish promising startups.

This presents a unique opportunity to witness and engage with technologies and solutions which are still in their early stages and are seeking validation, connections, and support from both the industry and the wider ecosystem to facilitate their entry into the market in the coming years. This will be the first time they are presented to the industry.

The DemoDay will be entirely online, taking place in the morning on the 26th of October. It will be divided into different sessions based on sectors, featuring project presentations and Q&A sessions. You’ll find a list of the participating projects along with brief descriptions of their solutions in the webpage of the event (and above).
Are you prepared to dive into the world of cutting-edge technology and witness the birth of groundbreaking innovations? Join us for an online experience at our DeepTech DemoDay!
Please, register NOW in our webpage: https://thecollider.tech/agenda/deep-tech-demo-day/

Projects participating in the DeepTech DemoDay:
Health & Biotech Projects
• GA-VAX (Germany) | Advancing a vaccine targeting genetic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (C9orf72 ALS) to the clinical stage
• Microscope-On-a-Chip (Spain) | Chip-sized microscope placed on the sample for continuous monitoring.
• OncoNeoVac (Spain) | A personalised immunotherapy for cancer treatment.
• Dynatract (Spain) | A dynamic abdominal wall traction device for open abdominal wounds.

Green technologies & Electronics Projects
• REDCAP (Spain) | A new structure and design for supercapacitors.
• SHINTO (Belgium) | Self-healing materials (plastics that have a strong chemical bonds that can bond an unbond) can be made into 3D printing filament which has the advantage of being able to construct isotropic printed products with low porosity, due to healing the layers together.
• SolarCO2Value (Hungary) | Innovative sustainable electrolyzer solutions to enable the chemical industry to reduce its environmental impact profitably..
• Solnil (France) | A wide range of sol-gel resins to nanoimprint optical metasurfaces with refractive index from 1.2 to 2.7.
• Nanowings (Italy) | A nanometric coating to reduce ice adhesion on wind turbine blades.
• YPlasma (Spain) | Plasma actuators are devices that generate an ionic wind in the presence of high voltage. The intensity, heat and ionic contents of this winds can be controlled, opening its use for different applications.
• Aluvia (The Netherlands) | The first European Al2O3-on-SiO2 (aluminum oxide on silicon dioxide) integrated photonic platform for operation in the ultraviolet (UV) wavelength region.
• Suncube (Spain) | A solar simulator to test small solar cells, fabrics, cosmetics, optical components, biological samples…. with a AAA class under IEC60904-9 norm, fully wavelength-custom characterization, at low cost, weight and size without any further optics.
• SpiNNode (Germany) | SpiNNaker2 is an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) which has been developed in the European flagship Human Brain Project.

Industry (EIT Manufacturing venture builder programme)
Presentation of 10 projects/startups from the EIT Manufacturing venture building programme in 2023. The list will be published very soon.


October 26, 2023
09:30 - 14:30


Mobile World Capital



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