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10 Things You Need to Know to Become a Data Driven Professional

March 31 @ 17:00 - 18:00


Free one hour session with Filipa Peleja, Lead Data Scientist at Levi Strauss & Co. and Data Analytics Instructor @ CodeOp

About this Event

Learn all the key info about Data Analytics — 100% free
The job market for data analytics professionals is booming and our info session is here to help you understand why!

In this interactive, 1 hour session you’ll learn all about Data Analytics, from what it is exactly, to how it can help open up new career possibilities, or add more value to your current career.

You’ll also get insights into the different formats for learning Data Analytics, e.g. bootcamp vs a modular course, to give you some guidance on which learning style could be the best fit for you.

Who is this for?
This info session is for anyone:

Who’s heard that “data is the new bacon”, and wants to know more about the field, and how it could be applied within their organization.
Who’s heard that the job demand for data analytics is skyrocketing, and wants to explore more lucrative options and career opportunities.
Who isn’t sure about what a data analyst does, and what requirements are needed to work in this field
Who’s not quite sure about the difference between data analyst, data science, and data engineer.
Who wants to be 100% sure of what they’re signing up for before making the decision to join a bootcamp or a modular course.
What you’ll learn
During this one hour, interactive info session, you’ll cover 10 key topics to help you better understand:

What is data analysis, data science and data engineering, and what skills do you need for these areas?
Why data experts are in such high demand
Why we believe more women need to enter the field
What is data wrangling/munging and why it’s so important
The difference between descriptive and predictive analysis
What we can do if we have data which is not made of numbers or categories
What it’s like to be a data professional
What it’s like to be a data analytics student at CodeOp
How we can use data analytics with a “data analysis” exercise you’ll do with the instructor using Google Collab
Why a support network and community are a vital part of being a student, whether you’re learning through a bootcamp or modular course.
Meet your Info Session speaker, Filipa Peleja
Filipa first stepped into the tech world as an undergrad in Computer Science, before later getting her Ph.D. Filipa has worked at Yahoo! and Vodafone and now works as Lead Data Scientist for Europe at Levi Strauss & Co. She deeply enjoys sharing knowledge and besides being an instructor at CodeOp, she is a lecturer in post-grad Data Science at the Faculty NOVAIMS Business School.


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